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What is the Best Diet Plan?

Looking for the best diet for you? Diets are everywhere – especially at this time of the year. You literally have hundreds of choices. So which one is the best choice for you?

Well, just as there are many ways to get to your local convenience store (ride a bike, drive a car, walk, run, rollerskate, etc), there are many ways to get to your perfect weight. But you want to choose the diet that will get you there fastest and in the most enjoyable way for you.

So the best diet really starts with you. Here are 3 questions you absolutely must ask yourself before you choose a weight loss plan:

What Has Been Your Past Experience?

For example have you ever tried a weight loss plan before? What was your experience? What did you like about it and what didn’t work so well? Did you get the results you wanted? Why or why not? By looking at your past experience you’ll be able to see which plans didn’t work in the past. Then you can learn from that and try something new.

For example, maybe you tried the Atkins diet in the past but you hated not being able to eat bread or fruit. So now you want to look for a diet that allows carbs and fruit.

Maybe you broke a past weight loss plan because you got too hungry on that plan. So you’ll want to find a diet that lets you eat 4 – 6 small meals a day so you don’t get hungry (or a diet that emphasizes protein which makes you feel fuller longer).

Maybe you hated feeling deprived and not being able to have your daily chocolate. Never fear – there are plans that let you eat chocolate every day too!

By asking this question, you can be strategic about choosing your next weight loss diet and find a better program for you. Don’t be afraid to try something new here – don’t stick with the same old, same old since if the same old, same old worked in the past you wouldn’t be looking for a new diet now!

What is My Lifestyle Like?

For example, are you super-busy, trying to juggle a career, spouse and kids? If so, do you really have time to prepare complicated diet recipes every dat?

Do you order take-out a lot or get frustrated when you’re hungry and have to wait for food? If that’s the case, you may want to try a diet delivery plan or a program where most of your food is on hand or ready in a few minutes.

If, on the other hand, you enjoy spending time in the kitchen for hours tinkering around, you may want to try a plan that requires you to make your own recipes like a raw food diet or a low carb diet.

This question is important because most people don’t break their diets because they are hungry – they break them because they don’t have time to make and prepare the food. They’re in a rush, they get hungry and then there’s no time to make special diet food – so they break their diet.

Losing weight is hard enough – you want to make it as easy as possible by choosing the best diet plan that fits well with your lifestyle.

Are You Ready To Lose Weight?

This may seem obvious – of course you are. But stop and think about it.

Losing weight will require a commitment – whether that is a monetary commitment, commitment to carve out extra time in your schedule for exercise or food prep or a commitment to forego that 2 donut-a-day habit.

Whenever you make any change, it’s smart to look at what that change will mean and ask yourself if you are ready for that change.

If you’re not – that’s ok. You can always re-evaluate and ask yourself what you can do. If you are ready – then you know what to expect and won’t have as many surprises on your weight loss journey.

So those are 3 key questions to ask yourself in order to find the best diet plan for you. When you know the answers to these questions, you can easily choose a plan that will take off the pounds and get you sliding easily into those favorite skinny jeans!


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