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Performer5 Reviews Scam: How to Increase Sperm Volume Naturally

Performer5 PillsPerformer5 Pills is a volume enhancement pill which is specifically engineered to improve your sexual gratification through enhancing volume and prolonging firmer, harder erections and longer lasting ejaculation. This promotes greater pleasure both for yourself and your partner and Performer5 is incredibly effective in improving all aspects of your life, starting with your sexual health.

Many men are unhappy and feel helpless when it comes to their rather embarrassing problem of sexual health. Performer5 is just the solution, enabling these men to take proactive steps towards becoming masterful in bed, time and again. This pill uses only natural and organic ingredients to promote a greater sense of well-being, and as its name implies, allows you to perform up to 5 times better? How, you may ask, does it allow you to perform up to 5 times better, as this claim may initially seem too good to be true.

This is because Performer5 Volume Pills improves the volume of semen your penis can ejaculate by an impressive 5 times its usual volume. No longer are you resigned to a few final strokes, but you can relive the pleasure over and over again. She will enjoy savoring the moment and will ask for it time and time again.


Compared to other similar products,Performer5 first deals with the issue of semen production from the inside by boosting your body’s own reserve of natural nutrient.Based on clinical and scientific studies,below are major improvements guaranteed by Performer5 pills:

  • Increase sperm volume,up to 500% more semen production
  • Increase ejaculation,up to 5 times more powerful ejaculate – you can shoot further
  • Increase sperm motility by 250% in 2 weeks
  • More intense and lasting orgasms for you and your woman
  • Rock hard, solid erections
  • Boost male stamina and sexual appetite
  • Increase blood flow

How Does Performer 5 Pills Work?

Created using a unique blend of the highest quality, purest ingredients, Performer5 Pills is a 100% safe, effective and medically approved formula. Unlike other ejaculate enhancers, Performer 5 contains ONLY the essential nutrients you need to experience optimum semen levels, meaning you can safely use this dual action system without experiencing any ill effects.

Designed by Marlia Business, a successful group of medical and health professionals, their ultimate goal was to help men improve all facets of their sexual performance by boosting their body’s natural nutrient content. And by using the best in botanical ingredients (zinc aspartate, l-arginine and pomegranate 70% Ellagic) they have successfully managed to help men to improve their sperm count without the help of synthetic ingredients.

  • Zinc Aspartate & Zinc Gluconate: according to a study by the USDA, the better the source of zinc, the better the results and the more semen you are able to ejaculate.
  • Pomegranate (70% Ellagic): often referred to as ‘natures natural Viagra’, pomegranate 70% Ellagic has been proven to increase nitric oxide which is essential for dilating your blood vessels and allowing greater quantities of blood to enter your penis. And the more blood your penis is able to hold, the more powerfully intense your erections will be.

Does Performer5 Pills Have Any Side Effects?

Unlike Viagra and other prescribed drugs which are warped by risks and dangers to your penis, Performer5 supplement is completely safe for long term use. You can confidently take this supplement day in, day out safe in the knowledge that its 100% organic natural ingredients will produce no negative side effects.

Proformer5 is an incredible product if all you got was just the product but they give you much more than that just for using their product. They have given just about anything you could want from a wide variety of DVD’s to additional supplements you might like to try to free shipping and a wide selection of ways you can get assistance if you need. If you were not already sold on this project just look at all the free stuff that it come with. If you are looking for a credible route to boosting your semen and ejaculate production, then we thoroughly recommend Performer5.

Performer5 Reviews


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